Monstey Awards

The SML Monstey Award is a prestigious accolade presented annually each Spring to those unlucky enough to receive our attentions.

Monstey Awards are presented to “celebrities” within the monster world—both traditional and honorary—whom the SML minions believe are worthy of recognition for their contributions to horror film, horrible culture, and the macabre.

Past awards have been given for good roles in terrible movies, terrible roles in okay movies, inspiring monsters around the world through their work, or actions in real life that are too distasteful even for monsters to stomach.

Stay tuned for the next annual Monstey Awards!

The History of the Monstey Awards:

The first Monstey Awards were presented informally after the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805, when Davie Jones commended his most valiant kraken for his victories against the French navy.

For more than 200 years, the 10-member Monstey Awards committee has convened in a top secret location in the heart of Glendale, CA to choose four exceptional monsters to honor.

To nominate someone for an upcoming Monstey Award, email us at

See the Winners:



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