SML Brings on the Vampires at GeekOut this Weekend!

2Vampires are everywhere, from your TV screen to your breakfast cereal. But what makes a great vampire, and what makes a vampire movie great?

Those are the questions Stuff Monsters Like will be answering in our exclusive panel at GeekOut this weekend in Asheville, NC. It’s our third annual GeekOut appearance, and this year we definitely have a bloody good program planned!

As our readers know, SML is always at the forefront of new trends in fashion, entertainment, and technology. After all, we were developing fad diets long before anyone on the West Coast. So, this year we are letting you in on a big secret: vampires are the next big thing!

(I know, right? Huge surprise!)

Stick with us now and you’ll have the full scoop before vampire movies take off and you see them everywhere – just, like, everywhere! Figure out which vampire movies are the best to learn from. Look into our eyes as we search for the perfect blood sucker. Hear from our research which film has the “most vampirey” plot line of all time.

Then, become one of us in the audience participation portion (this might get a little messy) as we definitively determine the best incarnation of Dracula. This will be your opportunity to drive your point home as you use our highly scientific methods of decision making.

With our help and direction, you’ll learn from the start of the fad which vampires are worth following and which have no bite. You can catch us on Saturday, June 7, 11:00 am, in Room 406 for our interactive presentation “No Sparkle and All Bite: Vampires that Don’t Suck.”

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