Celebrity Interview: Miss Cakehead


Miss Cakehead v. George Morton Clark – photography credit required to Nathan Pask

Miss Cakehead, AKA Emma Thomas, heads up Eat Your Heart Out, a UK collective of deliciously devious food artists. Though she does not herself bake, she is instrumental in curating cake events, stunts, and PR activity surrounding creepy cakes and petrified petit fours. Her recent work for the launch of Resident Evil 6, called “the Human Butchery,” caught the attention of SML and the Huffington Post, among many other sites.

First of all, tell us a little about Eat Your Heart Out and your role within the collective?

Eat Your Heart Out collective aims to make utterly delicious cakes look disgusting. Our aim is to have fun and promote creativity in cake making. I can’t bake, so I curate cakes – coming up with strange ideas, responding to briefs from clients, and ensuring all the cake makers get PR and the credit they deserve.

Anatomical chocolate human heart made by All Mine Patisserie for the Eat Your Heart Out Valentine’s Day pop up shop.

What is an average day like for an evil cake maker? Are you the mad scientist of cakes?

Well, I don’t think anyone in the EYHO collective has a filter any more of what is disgusting. I know this is a cliche, but no day is the same.

What cake – in idea or in execution – has been the creepiest one you’ve worked with?

We are currently working on recreating a firefighter’s injuries in edible form as he wanted to create a gift to thank the nurses who looked after him. He asked us, and of course we said yes. Once we saw the pictures we all realised what a remarkable person this man was.

How did you get involved with making innovative (and often creepy) edible concoctions? Was there a demand, or was it more of a “if I bake it, they will come” kinda thing?

The first EYHO in 2010 came about as I had just finished a cake project with a LOT of restrictions, so I wanted to rebel against them. I had no idea of how crazy the whole evil cakes scene would go, and it just continues to grow and grow and grow. Now that we know there is the fan base out there, it gives us the confidence to continue pushing the limits of what we can do with cake.

Severed head cake by Sarah Hardy, gratuitously sliced up by myself. Created for the Koch Media launch of ‘The Helpers’ horror movie.

What is your definition of a perfect day?

Late start, creative inspiration, and a brain overflowing with ideas.

Love at first sight, or love at first bite?

Love at first sight – it builds the anticipation to the first bite.

If you were a monster, what monster would you be?

A giant Siamese cat – mine are cunning little fuckers who have the life of Riley.

Did you ever consider another career? What was it?

Well, my proper job is as a freelance PR creative, and I love it when the two worlds combine. I am most proud of my work creating a ‘human butchery’ for Resident Evil 6. (You guys can read more of this on www.misscakehead.com)

To learn more about Miss Cakehead, visit her website or follow her on Facebook. For more on the Eat Your Heart Out collective, click here. All photos taken from Miss Cakehead’s Facebook page, captioned by Miss Cakehead, herself.

Chocolate animal skull wedding cake from Conjurer’s Kitchen.


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