Support Horror Films: Watch “Assassins,” Share with Friends

Up-and-coming filmmaker and director Michael Bonomo has recently completed a short film called “Assassins.” The film is essentially a brutal 10-minute lesson given by one veteran hired killer to a man whose first kill was less than professional.

Actor Bill Oberst, Jr. brings his signature menacing tone to the character of Nathan, a cold, calculating, and experienced assassin who has walked in on a hit gone messy. The screw-up killer: a young kid named Walter with frazzled nerves, a weak stomach, and a sloppy trigger finger. Walter’s inexperience only serves to annoy Nathan, who uses an uncomfortably placed metaphor to inform the boy of where he went wrong.

The short film is certainly worth a view. You can find it on YouTube here:

But wait! There’s more. Or, at least, there might be.

The crew is raising funds to develop a feature-length version of the script. They have posted an Indiegogo campaign, and need your help to raise money for production. No loose change? Then just spread the word!

We have already made a contribution on behalf of the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory. Go to their Indiegogo page or pass on the link to make YOUR contribution today.

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