The First Band in Space – Our Lineup for “Lunar Aid 1985”

The Head Monsters at the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory have been getting lots of questions about our impending Kickstarter success.

Recently, we were asked:

If you do raise the money, what do you know from a scientific/space exploration/space colonization standpoint that’ll allow you to successfully pull this off? Or who do you plan to employ?

Well, our knowledge of space is as vast and all-encompassing as the final frontier, itself. But even lunar experts can’t fly their ship alone.

When (not if) we raise our millions, we won’t put them to waste. Rest assured!

In order to pull off the greatest galactic endeavor in the history of man, you need the right band members. Here’s our lineup for Lunar Aid 1985:

  • Jim – Super President – Lead Guitar
  • Sarah – Web Director – Vocals
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson – Science Officer – Upright Bass
  • Stephen Hawking (You don’t know this, but he actually has a mobile exoskeleton he wears at home) – Chief Expedition Officer – Harmonica
  • Willie Nelson – Travel Liaison (he can teach us how to live on the moon, since he’s been living in zero-gravity altered states for 40 years) – Rhythm Guitar
  • George Takei – Navigation Officer – Harmonica
  • Samantha Bee – Chief Lunar Correspondent – Bongos
  • Anthony Bourdain – Personal Chef – Keyboards


Our monster mascots help us with our evil schemes, as well as taking care of chores around the mansion. From writing press releases to collaborating on blog posts, this blog would not exist without them.

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