2012 Monstey Award Winners Announced Next Friday!

The Monstey Award is the largest honor bestowed to anyone – dead or alive – by the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory! Presented each Spring, the Monstey Award recognizes those unlucky enough to receive our attentions for a variety of contributions to horror film and horrible culture.

The Monstey Awards have a rich and storied history, dating back to the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. After the battle, Davie Jones commended his most valiant kraken for his victories against the French navy by giving him the skull of the first sailor to hit the bottom of the sea. Thus a tradition was born!

This year, the SML Monstey Awards date falls on Friday the 13th – and we couldn’t be more excited to announce the recipients.

Stay tuned to see who wins in the big 4 categories:
Best Pre-Fame Cameo
I Bet He Didn’t Put This on His Resume
Dubious Human Achievement
People Who Gross Out Even Us


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