Top 10 Song Title Suggestions for “Lunar Aid 1985”

The Head Monsters at SML have been raising funds all month for a journey into space. It is our dream to fly to the moon, build a moon base, and kick back with a new view of the waning Earth and a guitar to write a folk album.

Our endeavor has attracted attention from readers around the world. We were always asked, “what kinds of songs do you plan to write?”

Well, we gave you a quick preview in our Kickstarter video, but we do have  a few more song ideas in mind. Here’s a list of our favorite ideas – which you can hear on our album, Lunar Aid 1985, once we reach the moon.


10. Like a Rolling Moon Rock

9. Moonday, Moonday

8. It Ate Me Babe

7. Tangled Up in Blue Cheese

6. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay of Rainbows

5. This Moon is Your Moon

4. Sounds of Silence and the Vacuum of Space

3. Gentle on My Moon

2. House of the Rising Earth

1. Leaving on a Space Plane


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