Tour Asheville’s Paranormal Past through 11 Local Tours

Asheville, NC is currently recognized as a hotspot among American cities for a number of reasons. We are lauded for our beer, our scenery, our artist scene, and even our hipsters. But did you know that this small city, nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, is also a hub of paranormal activity?! (dum, dum, dummm).

There are no less than 11 haunted tours of Asheville. And each offers a unique twist on the chilling tales of the city’s history.

Asheville’s Historic Trolley – Haunted Tour
The White Trolley offers individuals and groups the chance to tour Asheville the way the locals used to – by trolley. The 60-to-90-minute tour was created by local paranormal expert Joshua P. Warren for the die-hard ghost enthusiasts about town. The tour covers a number of historic and haunted points in history, including the Civil War Battle of Asheville, the murder at Battery Park, and Asheville’s largest mass murder. “It’s for the whole family, yet not for the faint of heart!”
$20 for Adults, $12 for Children 12 and under. Call 828-681-8585 or click here.

Ghost and Haunt Tour
This 90-minute walking tour leaves from the heart of downtown, and is a leisurely walk of less than a mile. Tour directors guarantee that guest will have the opportunity to take paranormal pictures every night. So step into the world of the unknown as your hear stories of the unexplained and strange. One story starts in Asheville, but ends many miles, and several states, away.
$18 for Adults, $10 for Children 8 to 14. Call 828-355-5855 or click here.

The Ghost Hunters of Asheville Tour
Marketed as Asheville’s only interactive ghost tour, the Ghost Hunters offer free access to ghost-hunting equipment for everyone on their tour…and paranormal photos are guaranteed. Their website lists 2 different private tours currently available. The Downtown Spirits tour is marketed as “1/3 ghost stories, 1/3 paranormal information, 1/3 Asheville history.” The Haunted Montford Stroll takes guests through the alleys and by-ways of one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods.
$18 for Adults, $10 for Children 8 to 14. Call 828-779-HUNT or click here.

Gray Line Asheville – Haunted  Tour
Asheville’s red trolley dares their riders to sit back in their seats as they illuminate the city’s dark side. The tour is full of “spirits and spies, ghosts and goblins,” and many more alliterative pairings sure to make your knees knock and turn your legs to linguine. (How’d we do?) Learn about the child spirits at the haunted hospital, Asheville-based Nazi agents, the haunting of one of Asheville’s most popular bars, and much more.
$21 for Adults, $10 for Children 5 to 11. Call 828-251-TOUR or click here.

3 Tours from Haunted Asheville
Haunted Asheville, the organization that claims to run the original and oldest ghost stories in town, offers 3 great tours from a variety of perspectives. The Classical Walking Tour takes guests on an easy-to-walk tour of scenic downtown Ashville, all while sharing stories of Asheville’s legends and history. The Biltmore Mystery Tour covers everything from curses to interdimensional kangaroos. And “spirits truly flow” on the Haunted Pub Crawl, which allows guests to try the wares as they tour the most haunted taverns in town.
$20 for Adults, $15 for Children ages 8 to 14 (except Pub Tour). Call 828-398-GOSTS or click here.

Historic Riverside Cemetery Walking Tour
Hidden in the back of the historic Montford neighborhood, on rolling hillsides covered in trees older than the city, rests the Riverside Cemetery. Visitors on the 90-minute tour of the Victorian-style garden cemetery will hear “stories of soldiers and desperados, artists and philanthropists,” and even a few nationally-known personalities, like authors Thomas Wolfe and O’Henry and artist Kenneth Nolan.
$19.95 Adult internet rate, $11.95 for Students ages 7-15. Call 800-745-1925 or click here.

LaZoom Haunted Comedy Ghost Tour
What says spooky better than a bus full of screaming passengers? LaZoom hosts a tour where you can laugh and scream as you are told tales of murder, deceit, scandals, and ghosts. Unopened containers are welcome (if you’re over 21), so bring a few bottles for you and your friends to enjoy. And don’t forget your camera! Photos of spooks and spectres are guaranteed!
$20 for Adults 17 and older only. Call 828-225-6932 or click here.

The Vampire and Occult Tour of Asheville
The last tour on our list is also the newest tour in town. Haunted Asheville hosts this 2-hour walking tour for those who want something different from the usual tourist experience. Guides explain what masonry is about, give the full scoop on the local vampire scene, and take you by “demon possessed” buildings downtown. The tour also includes after-hours access to the Asheville Mystery Museum.
$20 for Adults, $15 for Children 9 to 14, ages 8 to 14. No reservations required, but email rsvp is appreciated:

Asheville is a super cool city (and they didn’t even have to pay me to say that). Click here for more information about Asheville tours and other activities in the area.

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What do you get when you cross a horror movie with a pile of books? She’s not always sure, but Sarah G is always there to find the connection. In the process, she has helped found a local nonprofit, started a satirical holiday, ticked off celebrities, and tried to purchase the lunar surface.

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