Watch Bruce Campbell’s Gameshow, Help Fund it First

What makes a pop-culture trivia contest “ultimate”? How about if it was called “Last Fan Standing” and traveled around the nation to different cons.

Not ultimate enough? What if it was hosted by none other than the chainsaw-wielding Ash Williams, himself—Bruce Campbell.

That’s what we thought!

We’d love to see the show in action, but it’s not up to us. It’s up to you. Pitch in your donation to the Last Fan Standing Kickstarter campaign today. Or check out the project’s official press release, below.

We’ll see you on the stage!

Last Fan Standing


Bruce Campbell asks Fans to help launch a Second Season Of Popular Original Series LAST FAN STANDING, Starring Cult Hero Bruce Campbell using Kickstarter

(Los Angeles) August 20th, 2015 – Alright, you primitive screwheads, listen up: thanks to overwhelming fan response to the first season of LAST FAN STANDING, the hilarious pop-culture game show hosted by fan-favorite actor Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead, Burn Notice), a second season is being offered through a unique Kickstarter campaign, launching today.

A no-holds-barred trivia tournament that electrified Wizard World Comic Con fans around the country, the first season of LAST FAN STANDING was shot live-to-tape right from the convention floor. This gave con-goers the chance to prove their status as the ultimate Fanboy or Fangirl for a global internet audience on CONtv, which exclusively aired season one as original content.

The campaign is filled with “Bruce-centric” perks – including signed Comics, Lunchboxes, Personalized Voicemails, and even a bowling party with Bruce – the Kickstarter campaign is out to create an even more raucous season of “Last Fan Standing.”  Currently the campaign is set to run from August 20th through September 21st.

A second season of LAST FAN STANDING – created by Bruce Campbell and Pop Quiz Entertainment – promises to be even more laugh-filled and harrowing than the first; in addition to the nail-biting speed rounds and each episode’s climactic “Final Confrontation,” the series’ producers promise exciting new rounds, even more playful badgering from Bruce, and possibly a cameo or two from some of the geek world’s biggest names. As Bruce would say, it promises to be…groovy.

What won’t change is the ability of Wizard World Comic Con attendees to be a part of the show. Using a proprietary audience response system, LAST FAN STANDING picks its contestants from among everyone who shows up to play; prove your knowledge of Sci-Fi, Horror, Fantasy, and Superheroes by answering our pre-game questions, and you too can be up on stage with Bruce…though if you choke in front of the cameras – or your buzzer skills are lacking – you’re going right back down to your seat. Only the truest fan can be…the Last Fan Standing.

With the help of fans who get involved in the Kickstarter campaign, the next season of LAST FAN STANDING will feature an exciting new set, improved audio and video, and – if it’s even possible – a more stunning wardrobe for Bruce.

Review the Kickstarter and learn more.


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