We Love the Ladies: SML’s “Best of” Posts about Women

March is Women’s History Month. It’s a time to celebrate – or at least, finally acknowledge – the many great inventions and accomplishments of women around the world and throughout time.

For instance, did you know that Elsa Lanchester, the iconic lead in the 1935 film Bride of Frankenstein, was the first woman to own a Fortune 500 company?*

Or how about the fact that Amelia Earhart wasn’t always a solo flyer, but often took a few friends of hers along for the ride.**

Most remarkably, noir actress Hedy Lamarr co-invented a technology for spread spectrum and frequency hopping communications that’s still used in Wi-fi systems today.*** Thanks, Hedy! Without you, our readers would have nothing to do while waiting in line for the restroom at Mastodon concerts.

Stuff Monsters Like is a big fan of ladies like these. This month, in honor of all the spectacular accomplishments completed by women, we have a very special treat for you, dear readers. Here are the best posts we’ve written about women – so far.

SML’s Best of the Ladies

11. Monsters Like Kidnapping Women22. Monsters Like Fearless, Immodest Women
11. Kidnapping Women

11. Kidnapping Women

26. Monsters Like Weak-Ankled Women33. Monsters Like that the Kardashian Sisters Taste Like Country Ham and Hairspray
...that might not be ketchup.

...that might not be ketchup.

77. Monsters Like Mysteriously Impregnating Unsuspecting Women85. Monsters Like When the Dumb Blond Busty Cheerleader Runs Upstairs Instead of Outside
DIGITAL CAMERAtumblr_l956thvOAE1qal0cjo1_500
86. Monsters Like Chronically-Depressed, Sullen, Dull, Tedious, Exasperating Women119. Monsters Like Mother’s Day
133. Monsters Like Girls’ Nights Out135. Monsters Like Black Magic Women
Grind House (Death Proof)angelique1
182. Monsters Like Cockroaches and Cher258. Monsters Like that the Mute Girl is Always Psychic
262. Monsters Like Sacrificing Virgins282. Monsters Like Fainters
*That’s not even a little true.
**Not true either.
***This is actually a true fact. Read more about Lamarr and her invention here.


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