Whedon Strikes Again!: “Cabin in the Woods” Hits Theaters

Have you been saying to yourself lately, “I’d really like to see an 80’s-style horror flick with gruesome deaths, sex, and an intriguing story line”?  Even if you haven’t, The Cabin in the Woods is worth the ticket price.

In a tried and true Craven/Carpenter-esque style, Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard bring us a complex story in a traditional package.

Five college kids have planned a weekend retreat to – wait for it…a cabin in the woods.  With some foreshadowing and cryptic characters along with way, the group makes it to their destination.  Not wasting any time, alcohol is ingested, passions are flared, and the stage is set for mayhem.

We have the jock, the good guy, the whore, the fool, and the virgin.  Well, the virgin-type, anyway.  We all know there’s going to be sex and blood, but that’s not why you want watch.  Even with the frivolities, antics, and stereotypes, it’s clear from the beginning that this is not just a normal hormonal, youthful slasher movie.  There’s something more lurking in the darker, deeper unknown.

The seemingly tragic misfortunes of our protagonists are soon revealed to be parts of a well-orchestrated game of cats and mice. Wills are tested and survival instincts bested, with one ultimate goal in mind.  The tradition of personal choice, sacrifice, and survival (and of course gore) are pitted together masterfully with Whedon’s wonderful dark humor and plot twists.

And, oh yeah, don’t forget about the homicidal monsters.

The Cabin in the Woods should be on any horror buff or sci-fi enthusiast’s to-watch list. Click here to watch it now on Amazon Instant Video.


This review written by Chris Moore, our new Master of Movie Reviews at the SML Haunted Mansion and Blog Laboratory. Look for more from Chris, coming soon!

Chris Moore

Chris Moore is a freelance masochist and an aspiring wordsmith. His travels have made him a self proclaimed expert on all things frightening, odd, and entertaining. On breaks from jet setting and bourbon guzzling, he graces SML with pithy and satirical commentary on what - or what not - to watch. All hail the Maniacal Master of Movie Reviews! The second most interesting man in the world.

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