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Stuff Monsters Like is the most comprehensive, satirical anthology of stuff monsters like on the web.

In the internet universe, a lot of time is devoted to the things that interest humans and their petty needs. Monsters have been largely overlooked, but not anymore! Monster movie devotees have seen many common themes carry down from monster stories over the years. Whether you’re a born monster, or you’re new to the dungeon, this blog highlights those similarities in a way that’s sure to make you scream with laughter.

In addition to our “numbered posts,” SML posts celebrity interviews,  monster and horror news, and reviews of horror and sci-fi books, movies, and music. The blog is also the proud sponsor of Intergalactic Hug A Monster Day and the prestigious annual Monstey Awards.


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The authors of this blog are by no means monster experts, not being natural-born monsters ourselves. If you have any comments on our blog posts, please be nice and share them with us.

We do our best to represent monsters as accurately – albeit satirically – as possible.


  1. i am really enjoying this freakin awesome website. keep it up, andy.

  2. Your panel at GeekOut!! 2013 was the best part of the whole con! Congratulations on setting the world clarivoyance (misspelling stuff makes me look cute) 3 minute record, I will see if they come to pass for me! And the debate portion ruled! I was proud to come in second behind such a matster debator! I havent yet read the whole list, but I remembered that monsters often like sibling rivalries, just ask the vault and crypt keepers and the old witch. Stuff Apostolics Like, you’re going down, irrevrant irrelevant apologetic bitches!

    • Matthew – Thanks for being such a valiant defender of monsters! We had a great time, and hope to be back for GeekOut 2014.
      We’ve added your suggestion as an upcoming post. Keep an evil eye open to see what we did with it.

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