Want to be the Fresh Braaaaaaaaaains behind the Asheville Zombiewalk?

The Asheville Zombiewalk is looking for new leadership. If you’re interested in taking on a larger role at this year’s event, check out this press release:


ASHEVILLE, NC, April 10, 2017 — In anticipation of the Asheville Zombiewalk’s 12th annual event this October, the team behind the event is looking for new leadership.

Said the current team in a recent blog post:

“First of all, the Asheville Zombie Walk is not cancelled. So calm down. The event just needs new talent and ideas.

“The Zombie Walk is turning 12 years old this year, and the current producers have been involved for about seven of those years. We are being called in different directions, so we are looking to turn the event over to energetic people excited to bring it into a new era.

“It’s fun. It’s one of the last free, zany things that keep Asheville weird.

“And it needs you.”

With the right leadership at the front lines, the Asheville Zombiewalk is poised to continue for many, many years. Too many cool, free Asheville events have folded during recent years. But the Asheville Zombiewalk continues. Some might say that it can’t be killed….

In order to see the Zombiewalk continue, the event needs additional help.

Additional details about the leadership role will be provided to any and all who reach out to learn more. But for those even mildly interested, the team encourages you to send them a message. If you don’t think you can financially afford to take over the walk but would love to run it, you should send them a message. If you think it sounds too hard, drop them a line. If you don’t think you have the time to produce it, but are still interested, you should message them. You may be pleasantly surprised.

So, good luck future Living Dead Wranglers. Asheville needs you. Let’s shamble on.

About the Asheville Zombiewalk

Since the first zombiewalk in 2006, the team behind the Asheville Zombiewalk (AZW) has been bringing you community fun in the form of a free, annual October event dripping with fake blood and plenty of shambling. The AZW remains committed to keeping the annual event free and fun for the undead of all ages.

Visit the Asheville Zombiewalk’s website at ashevillezombiewalk.com or follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/Ashevillezombiewalk.

Want to be the fresh brains behind the Asheville Zombiewalk?


Our monster mascots help us with our evil schemes, as well as taking care of chores around the mansion. From writing press releases to collaborating on blog posts, this blog would not exist without them.

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