You’ve got a Little Read on You: Our “Best of” Zombie Posts*

In celebration of this weekend’s 10th annual Asheville Zombiewalk, Stuff Monsters Like thought this would be a good opportunity to recap some of our favorite zombie-themed posts and film reviews thus far. From your reactions to being bitten to our interest in maintaining a status quo following the impending zombie apocalypse, this collection of posts represents the wide range of zombie perspectives across film and TV.

What zombie tropes would you like to see us cover in the future? Let us know in the comments.

SML’s Best of Zombie Posts

74. Monsters Like 9-1-1 Services102. Monsters Like When the Gun Jams
118. Monsters Like When You Hide the Zombie Bite From Your Friends131. Monsters Like Knowing that Being Dead Won’t Keep Us Down
walking dead episode five 6skitched-20100705-151553
156. Monsters Like Serendipitously Finding Carelessly Placed Body Parts157. Monsters Like Providing Biting Commentary About your Bourgeois, Consumer, Hum-drum, Routine, Mindless Automaton Lives
173. Monsters Like Dismemberment Insurance207. Monsters Like Braaaaaaaains
173. Dismemberment Insurance207. Braaaaains
213. Monsters Like Leaving Inconspicuous Dead Bodies Lying Around in Ways that You Don’t Know if They’re Really Dead So You Try to Wake Them to Make Sure, But Then You Discover They’ve Been Alive All Along and Have Just Been Waiting to Kill You.235. Monsters Like Grabbing You From Behind. . . the Wall
The Walking Dead (Season 2)
251. Monsters Like Science313. Monsters Like Backyard Activities
332. Monsters Like Eating From Farm To Table354. Monsters Like a Good Challenging Chase
363. Monsters Like When You Realize the Walking Dead Aren’t the Zombies but the Survivors Forced to Endure in a World without Order, Modern Conveniences, and Goodwill366. Monsters Like that You Don’t Have the Guts to Finish off Your Loved Ones Once They Become Infected
Grandpa Got Game: An SML Review of “Cockneys vs. Zombies”Movement is Life: An SML Review of “World War Z”
*Did you get what we did there? Hashtag #MonsterLOL.



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